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Clients can experience many different changes with ABM. Here are some testimonials from ABM clients! 

​"My experience with Heather at Advancing Movement has been life changing. I suffer from vestibular migraines and Meniere’s disease. Since beginning with Advancing Movement over a year ago I have had zero headaches and my Ménière’s disease is easier to control. My balance and posture has greatly improved. I have my life back! Highly recommend Advancing Movement! Thank you Heather!"- Paula T

"Everyone needs to know about this. I'm 50 and I'm moving like I'm 30 again!"- Michael B

​"[I feel] more flexibility/freedom of movement in the spine and neck"- Nathan S

"Joints felt looser. Muscles felt less constricted." -Justin S

"[My] back felt much better"- Tony S

"[I feel] more grounded in standing"- Kathleen W

"Left arm feels warmer, looser, and more normal"- Alice W

"Any time I come to see you with a problem, you fix it!" - Laura C

"I can stand and walk taller and reaching down to the floor feels easier" -KM

"The heaviness [from knee replacement] is gone. This is magic." -SS

"I feel more balanced." -JC

"I no longer feel like I'm stepping into a hole when I walk"- PW


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